Saturday, September 4, 2021

Monkey Business in Barbados


If I spoke to you in person about my Barbados plans in the weeks leading up to it, you probably heard me mention the monkeys. 

Yes, Barbados has white sand beaches. Yes, I would have the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream and learn to properly surf. But did you hear that THERE ARE MONKEYS???

At one point, I had been talking about the monkeys so much that I panicked and ran to the internet to do more research and confirm that there really in fact are monkeys in Barbados, and I wasn't getting all worked up over nothing. And there are in fact monkeys here, they are called green monkeys, and they are have been in Barbados for about 350 years. 

But my research did also indicate that they don't hang around the population centers down south where I was going to be spending most of my time, and I might have to take a day trip to an animal reserve up north in order to see them. 


Monkeys on my street! At least 5 or 6 of them tightrope walked that power line into that tree, and a couple even ended up crossing the fence of the property I am staying at. I don't actually know proper monkey protocol, so I didn't try and engage them beyond sort of excitedly chattering at them in the first few seconds while trying to wrap my brain around the fact that IT'S REALLY HAPPENING. 

But how unexpectedly easy! Monkeys, right outside my front door! Barely a week after I got here!