Saturday, December 10, 2022

Kickoff in London

 Yes, I still owe you basically the entirety of my summer travels through Southeast Asia. But in the interest of maybe actually keeping current this time, just a quick update to let you know I have kicked off the next leg of my journey! I'm going to be in Europe in some fashion or other for most of the next year (that's the plan, at least), and right now I'm all set up to experience the holidays in London. My first Christmas away from my family, which is going to be odd. 

(This is from a few months ago, I am not dressed like this in London in December)

Of particular interest this first day, if I manage to stay awake for it, is that I have landed and made it to my hotel in time to catch England in the World Cup quarterfinals! If I'm on a second wind when the game starts I'll probably try to wedge myself in a bar somewhere near my hotel
with the faithful. If I'm fading fast, I'll watch it in my room but throw open my windows so I can hear the city lose its mind when they score.